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Drainage solutions


Many properties have drainage issues that can come from several sources.

  • Surface water
  • Sub-surface water
  • low areas on the property that turn into pools.
  • downspouts not properly dispersed


There are many products on the market to help eliminate drainage issues. Visit: to view products and see how we fix such issues.

Many drainage issues can be solved or prevented during the design and building process. If you are involved from the start, you will want to make sure that your house is set as high as possible on the lot, so the land can be sloped away during final grading. If your house is set lower on the property and the surrounding area is more flat, then you are more susceptible to wwet areas.

You can only build the dirt up around a structure so much after it is built….. so plan ahead.

A good landscape designer will ensure the structure is elevated enough!! On existing structures a great way to eliminate water issues is to pipe off your downspouts to areas that will not be harmed by the water discharge.

To ensure the longevity and serviceability of your drainage system, we use PVC (white) pie instead of corrugated (black) pipe in cases where there are trees and/or lots of surface runoff.

The reason is because PVC drainage system can be cleaned out with a sewer drain snake, just as your house plumbing. With the corrugated piping the snake will poke through the side.