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Landscape Installation

The overall health of your plants depends on the preparation of your planting beds before installation of the plants and trees.

Most properties were stripped of the top soil during the construction phase, so we are working with hard red clay that has no organic matter or nutrients for proper plant growth.

Quick look at the proper steps to planting:

  1. Dig up planting beds as deep as possible. This loosens the soils structure so plant roots can move easily and allows for addition of good soils and amendments.
  2. Add correct soils and amendments
  3. Loosen root balls of plants to “free” the roots from the ball and their circular growth pattern.
  4. Fertilize as recommended
  5. Mulch and water in.

Miller Landscaping hand picks all of the plant material at the nursery for a landscape project. This ensures that the plants look good and are healthy before they arrive at the job site.

On larger projects Miller Landscaping has the experience to keep things going smoothly. If we are involved in a full blown landscape project with many outdoor elements with various contractors, we work to keep everything organized and running smooth.